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Keyless Entry Systems

Our Remote Control Wireless Systems can do any or all of the following functions: 2 doors, 2 doors & trunk, 2 doors & window, 2 doors & 2 windows, 2 doors & 2 windows & trunk, 4 doors, 4 windows, hood & trunk and any combinations of the previously noted up to 10 total functions. Call us w/ your specific need and we’ll walk through what will work best for you and your budget. Thanks – BALL’s
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For both security & safety. Don't burn-out electronics !
SAVES ELECTRONICS from burnout ! Trickle charge.
$85.00 $75.00
NEW - Smaller - Less wires meaning faster less complicated install. See more Info.
Performs 3 functions. Use to unlatch or unlock the 2 doors plus unlatch or unlock the trunk too. See more info.
Performs 4 functions w/ built-in relays. Use to unlock doors w/ remote starter. Note: Automatic Transmissions Only.
Performs 5 functions w/ built-in relays. Use to unlock/unlatch 2 doors, the trunk and window up & down. See more info.
Use to unlatch/unlock 2 doors (& lid) and up to 2 power windows up/down. Includes receiver, transmitter, wiring harness and built-in safety feature. Made in USA w/ Lifetime Warranty.
$197.50 $182.50
10RMT gives you the power to control 10 different functions w/ one hand. See more info button for the complete listing of functions. FREE Shipping on this item !!!
This 7-way remote control system comes already pre-mounted (plug n play) on a attractive composite board. Same functions as #07RMT. FREE Shipping on this item.

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